Bull Creek News: Kings Park Excursion

Last Thursday 14th November Banksia 1 went to Kings Park with Banksia 3. We took part in the Noongar Boodja program which was all about Kambarang (Aboriginal season of birth in October and November).

During this season, traditional Noongar people moved closer to the water as the weather got warmer.

At Kings Park we learnt about traditional bush tucker and bush medicine. The children painted each other’s faces and dug for sweet potatoes with sticks. They also ground acacia seeds to make flour.

Then we moved to another group and heard all about traditional life near the water. The children had a go at spearing wooden fish and trapping them using branches and traps. Our last activity was a scavenger hunt.

It was a very hot day at Kings Park but we all had a fantastic time and learnt a lot about Noongar seasons and everyday life.

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