Beeliar News: Upcoming Events

Dear Parents

We are now well into Term 1 and the students are all fully engaged in their learning. This note outlines forthcoming events for Term 1.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons will start on Tuesday 12th March and end on Friday 15th March. Thank you to all parents who have returned their payment and permission slip. More information about swimming lessons will be sent home shortly.

Harmony Day Incursion

On Monday 18th March, Fremantle LDC students will be viewing an in school performance of ‘Suitcase Stories’ presented by the Perth Arts Company. Please note that this performance is for students only. The cost of this incursion is $2.50 per student. Thank you to all parents who have returned their child’s payment and permission slip. This day is also a multicultural free dress day.

ANZAC Service

In contrast to ‘Carnival’ our students have also been preparing for our ANZAC Service by practicing the audience protocols that are to be observed during this solemn and quiet occasion. The ANZAC Service will be held on Thursday 11th April at 9 am under the flagpole. All families are most welcome to attend.

Kind regards,

Caron Reid

School Contact Details

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please note: the Fremantle Language Development Centre (LDC) has its own phone number at each of the three school sites.

Should you wish to call the Fremantle LDC main office (Willagee LDC), our phone number is: 9312 4850.

You can contact our satellite school sites as per below:

Beeliar LDC:  9437 5905
Bull Creek LDC:  6216 4415

You are also welcome to email us:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Beeliar News: Kite Incursion

To celebrate the final session of Fun FRIENDS, the students at Beeliar participated in a Kite Incursion with Michael from Kite Kinetics. We learnt about different types of kites from around the world and how they fly, then we made our own green thoughts kite to fly on the school oval. Everyone had a great time with a highlight being the parachute and helicopter drop from a 30m kite to finish.

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