Bull Creek News: Multicultural Week

Last week Bull Creek students celebrated Multicultural Week. We embrace diversity and inclusivity each day at school and it is always wonderful to learn more about our friends’ cultures.

On Thursday, we held a Multicultural Tasting Day. Families were asked to bring in a small plate of food to share, representing their country of origin. Students displayed confidence when speaking about their dish, outlining its name, ingredients, where it is from, when it is eaten and what is special about it. We had the most amazing spread of food from around the world. We thank our parents and carers for their input and incredible cooking skills! The children were very brave trying new foods that they had never seen or heard of before. Banksia 1 and 2 classes also participated in a range of multicultural activities including storybook discussions, hand printing, collage and exploring rhythm and beat with multicultural musical instruments. What a fun day!

On Friday Mr Hofmeester organised a special Multicultural Assembly including Tinikling Bamboo Dancers and whole school singing. Students dressed in cultural clothing. It was lovely to see a sea of outfits representing different countries around the world as we gazed across the undercover area.

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Bull Creek News: Family Picnic, Perth Zoo, Sculpture Walk & Edu-Dance

Family Picnic

In Week 10 of Term 3, Bull Creek Primary School hosted a family picnic. It was lovely to see so many of our mums, dads and special family members at school!

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Excursion to Perth Zoo

On Thursday the students in Banksia 2 joined our Pre-Primary friends from Willagee on a trip to the zoo! We saw many animals but our favourites were the elephants, penguins, monkeys, giraffes, snakes, lizards and the rhinoceros. The children had their very best listening ears switched on and enjoyed talking about the animals’ names, habitat, diet and other interesting features. We were all very tired at the end of the day and some of us even had a little snooze on the bus ride home. What fun!

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Sculpture Walk

Last Wednesday, Mrs Perna (Bull Creek Primary School Art Teacher) coordinated with families to create and display some incredible sculptures around the school. Families were invited to join us for a sculpture walk and picnic lunch. Despite the rainy weather, it was awesome to journey through the school discussing our favourite artworks and their features. Students and parents voted for their favourite pieces, contributing to the allocation of the People’s Choice Award. Thank you to Mrs Perna for all her hard work organising this wonderful event!

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Edu-Dance classes have begun! Our classes are on a Friday and our teacher’s name is Mrs R. Miss McDonald’s class attends a session with Mr Ellis’ students, and Mrs Gorman and Miss Hope’s students dance together. We are having a great time moving and shaking! The children will be performing at Celebration Night on Friday 13th December at 5.30pm. Families – please add this date to your diaries.

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Bull Creek News: Second Bite

On Friday each of the children at Bull Creek were given an orange to take home from a company named ‘Second Bite’.  We have been talking about how the big supermarkets like their fresh produce to be perfect to look at and there is a lot of food that gets wasted as a result. Second Bite exist to provide access to fresh, nutritious food for people in need across Australia. They rescue surplus food from across the retail network, and redistribute it – free of charge – to more than 1,300 local charities around the country providing food relief to people in need. They believe that if it’s good enough to eat, it shouldn’t go to waste. We have been speaking about how even though some fruit doesn’t look great (too big, too small, too bumpy), it can still taste delicious! Thank you to Mrs Lance for organising such an informative afternoon for us.

If you would like more information, have a look at this clip! https://youtu.be/0eqxgvZNn0I


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Bull Creek News: Banksia 1 Fun Friends Party

Last week the children from Banksia 1 had a Fun Friends party to celebrate their courage, confidence and kindness. We made pizzas for our party and some children showed how brave they were by trying new foods and then deciding what they would put on their pizzas. We also dug up some fennel from our garden last week and made fennel salad. The children in B1 are getting lots of practice of being brave this term! They are thinking lots of green thoughts. Well done!

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