Principal News: 2nd May 2018

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back to Term 2 at Fremantle Language Development Centre. I hope you all had a great school break! This term I will be Acting Principal while Wendy Strang is on her well-deserved long service leave. I am very excited about this opportunity and I am looking forward to a wonderful term ahead. We wish Wendy safe travels!

This term, we will be posting regular news items through our website rather than through an emailed newsletter. We believe this change will enable us to keep you more regularly informed of all the exciting things that are happening at Fremantle LDC. Our website has been recently upgraded and continues to be updated on a regular basis. Therefore, this is the best place to go to for all of our school information.  Please have a look and familiarise yourself with our website:

In addition to our new website, we are continuing to work on developing our school brand. This term, we are in the final stages of creating a new school logo. We will share this with you as more details are finalised.

On Monday, all of our staff were involved in a School Development Day. This was a full day of professional learning with a particular focus on the health and wellbeing of staff and students.  This aligns with our Business Plan focus area to “Develop positive behaviour and wellbeing”.  Some topics covered were “Mindfulness”, “Trauma and Wellbeing in Schools” as well as a half day spent training all teaching staff in our Fun Friends and Friends for Life programs.  Below are photos of us all during a couple of our workshops.

This professional learning will now enable teachers to begin implementing the FRIENDS resilience program across all classes at all three school sites. More information about this will be provided shortly. If you were not able to attend the FRIENDS Resilience Parent Workshop last term, we are running another one on the 6th June.  Please see the following link for more information:   We look forward to seeing you there.

Please remember to check the website regularly for the latest school information and any upcoming events.  Please also feel free to contact the school if you require further information.  We are always here to help.

Kind regards

Vivienne Doig
Acting Principal

Principal News: 11th April 2018

I would like to congratulate all children and staff  on the many achievements they have made this term. I would also like to acknowledge our wonderful P&C who have continued to raise funds for the school. So far this year they have funded maths resources across all classrooms, sustainable gardens for Caralee and Bull Creek, and provided our Beeliar site with new reading books. In addition they provided funds to support the establishment of an extra classroom at Beeliar and iPads. Over the past week there has been a focus on the meaning of ANZAC day. There will be a special ANZAC day ceremony at each site & parents are very welcome to join us at:

Caralee: Thursday 9:30am

Bull Creek: Friday 2:15pm

Beeliar: Friday 9.00am

I will be taking long service leave from this Thursday 12th April and returning at the start of Term 3. On my return I will be reducing my hours to four days a week, taking Thursdays off. Vivienne Doig will be taking on the Principal’s role in my absence and one day a week on my return in Term 3. Viv has been a long term Deputy Principal at the school and has experience in being in the Principal’s role. She has strong management and leadership skills and I know the school will be in safe hands. Deputy Principals Jennie Dawson and Nichola Middlemiss will increase their days to take on Viv’s Deputy Principal’s role.

The upcoming holiday break provides an opportunity for you to extend your child’s vocabulary and world knowledge through visits and holiday activities. These can be as simple as a bush walk, a visit to the harbour to watch the boats and cranes, or a trip on the train or bus. Remember to name, describe and discuss what you see and most important, see how much they can remember later on. I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday break with your children.

Wendy Strang


Principal News: 28th March 2018

Special Fun Friends Program

The Fremantle LDC has a strong emphasis on the social emotional well-being of all students. To support this Fun Friends Program will be implemented across all year groups in Terms 2 and 3. Fun Friends is a social and emotional skills program for children aged between 4 – 7 years. It aims to:

  • Promote resilience in children and their families by providing strategies to help them approach life challenges with confidence.
  • Promotes empathy in children towards others.
  • Assists children to make friends.

Parent support in practising the skills and reinforcing the concepts is a vital part of this program and I encourage all parents to attend the information meetings planned this term on Wednesday 28th March from 6.30 – 7.30pm in the staff room at the Caralee site.

OT Program

Our Occupational Therapist Berry Johnston with the assistance of the OT students from CURTIN University has now completed screening of all kindergarten and new students in Pre Primary and Year 1. They are currently completing the reports and parents of these students will receive these shortly. There will be an opportunity for parents to either meet or have a phone conversation with the OT. After consultation with classroom teachers both individual and small group programs will commence over the next two weeks. These programs will include both the new students and others identified by the classroom teacher. This is a wonderful program that supports students’ sensory regulation, fine motor and gross motor skills however if parents don’t want their child to be involved in these programs please notify the front office.

There will also be Parent Information Sessions that will explain the screening tool, basics of physical development and provide ideas to use at home. These sessions are for all parents and are on:

Friday 6th April 2pm at Beeliar

Monday 9th April 2pm at Caralee Wednesday

11th April 9am at Bull Creek Friday

13th April 9am at Caralee

Outreach Service

You will all be aware that our school has an Outreach Service which is part of the DOE State Wide Service.  Its task is to build capacity in speech, language and early literacy, in schools in the West Kimberley, the Pilbara and the South Metropolitan Region. The team consists of a deputy principal, Georgie Sounness, and  four Speech Pathologists (Support Officers Speech and Language). So far Term 1 has been extremely busy and productive with over 250 Teachers and Education Assistants attending professional learning.  The presentations have been at individual schools, held at FLDC and via video conferencing across the Pilbara and SABA support in the Kimberley. An exciting new presentation, which includes ongoing support, has been presented to new graduates. It was well supported and well received. The team are also running  a new professional learning day during the holidays. In addition the demand for the intensive oral language programs Cracking the Code and Words Grammar and Fun Phase 1 & 2 has increased with 12 schools  ordering 31 kits.

Wendy Strang

Principal News: Welcome to Term 1

I am happy to let our school community know that the Fremantle LDC IPS Review Report is completed and has been uploaded for viewing in the publications section. Please take the time to read the review on the schools performance over the past three years. Parents can also access a paper copy from the school office.

Term 1 has been a successful start for all students and staff. Children are to be congratulated on how quickly they have settled into classroom routines with a positive attitude and effort. In the first few weeks of term 1 classroom teachers have been organising whole class parent/teacher meetings and it has been wonderful to see so many parents attending and supporting these meetings. When teachers and parents work in partnership the child is able to make the connections between home and school which in turn builds confidence, resilience and supports learning. Throughout the year there will be parent teacher meetings and parent information talks. I encourage all parents and carers to attend these important meetings so we can work together to support your child’s development both socially and academically.

Teachers have already started assessment and analysis of data with planning and programming of identified target areas to follow. There will be an opportunity for parents to meet with the classroom teacher on an individual basis to view the assessment data and their child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP’s) in weeks 10 and 11 of this term.

In Pre Primary all children are required to complete the WA Department of Education On-entry Assessment program in Literacy and Numeracy. The main purpose of this program is to provide teachers with information about the skills and understandings that a child brings to school. Over the next few weeks all Pre Primary students will be completing the On-entry Literacy assessment and students in Pre Primary to Year 2 will complete the On-entry Numeracy assessment. While the Literacy assessments provides valuable

information for students in mainstream the Fremantle LDC recognise the need to administer additional assessments that provide greater in-depth analysis of our students’ literacy needs. It is these assessments that will guide the planning and programming for your child’s Individual Education Plan.

At the start of the year all staff participated in professional learning on Wellbeing, the benefits of a Growth Mindset and how to foster it in our students. This was a highly valuable workshop that has provided teachers with strategies to support our students to develop a Growth Mindset. Key strategies you may find your child coming home and talking about are:

  • their “brain is a muscle” that can be developed
  • success doesn’t happen without effort, persistence and making mistakes
  • using the word “yet” when a child is having difficulty

I am currently organising an opportunity for parents to find out about Growth Mindsets and how you can support your child. I will let you know as soon as a date is set.

Our P&C is a hard working group of parents who encourage other parents to become involved at any level they can manage. I would also like to thank the parents who have agreed to be their child’s class representative. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Wendy Strang