School Board News: Your Fremantle LDC School Board Update

Each term I write to the school community, via the newsletter, to let you know what the School Board has been doing within our role of maintaining oversight of the implementation of the school Business Plan and providing additional expertise to support Wendy, Viv and their staff achieve the best outcomes for students.

Board Members

This year we have the pleasure of welcoming four new Board Members onto the School Board. I would like to formally welcome Fremantle LDC Parent Representatives Ryan Arbon, Navin Bhandari and Michelle Livesey-Giles. I would also like to welcome back past Parent Representative Spencer Flay as a Community Representative.

Your 2019 School Board members are as follows:

Principals: Wendy Strang
Vivienne Doig
Staff Representatives: Jennie Dawson
Hayley Hope
Executive Officer: Samara Gleed
Parent Representatives: Kate Bowles
Karl Griffiths
Ryan Arbon
Navin Bhandari
Michelle Livesey-Giles
Community Representatives: Mary Claessen (Deputy Chair)
Jo Wiese (Chair)
Spencer Flay

Board Activities

We held two Board Meeting this term. During these meetings we reviewed and revisited important documents governing and guiding the School Board. The documents included:

  • The Board’s Code of Conduct
  • The Board’s Terms of Reference
  • The Delivery and Performance Agreement
  • The Fremantle LDC Business Plan 2018 – 2020

Wendy also presented several departmental level documents to the Board to inform Board members about the documents guiding the strategic direction of Fremantle LDC. These included:

  • High – Performance High Care
  • Strategic Outline
  • Focus 2019-03-28
  • Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework

Deputy Principal Jennie Dawson also outlined The National Quality Standards Policy for the Board to note and understand.

In addition, Wendy presented the Board with the latest Finance Reports and her Principal’s report to keep the Board up to date with relevant key financial and operational information.

Karl Griffiths was re-nominated as the Board member representative on the Fremantle LDC Finance Committee.

Annual Public Meeting

Last term we held the Annual Public Meeting in conjunction with the second Board Meeting. During this open public meeting, I outlined the functions and accomplishments of the School Board in 2018.

Viv also presented the Annual Report 2018 which summarised the school’s achievements and activities in 2018 and outlined the progress the school had made in the 4 key areas of the Fremantle LDC Business Plan 2018 – 2020. The Annual Report will be made available on the School Website, once finalised.

I congratulate Wendy, Viv and the Fremantle LDC staff on the achievements and progress they made in 2018 in the key areas of the School Business Plan.

Our next Board meeting will be held on 30th of May 2019.

Contacting Your School Board Members

If you would like to contact myself or any other Board member to discuss any issues or gain clarification on any issues relating to the School Board, please feel free to contact our Executive Officer Mrs Samara Gleed on: and she will assist you to get in contact with one of our Board members.

Thank you.

Jo Wiese
Fremantle LDC School Board

School Board News: 2019 Annual Public Meeting

The Fremantle LDC School Board welcome you to join them for their 2019 Annual Public Meeting.

Jo Wiese, Chair of the Fremantle LDC School Board will share her 2018 School Board Report, including the highlights and successes of the school Board during the year.

Date: Thursday 28th March 2019
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Fremantle LDC Willagee Staff Room, 24 Winnacott Street, Willagee

This will be followed by the Fremantle LDC School Board Meeting.

Everyone welcome, we hope to see you there!

School Board News: Your Fremantle LDC School Board Update

Board Activities

We held one Board Meeting earlier this term and we will hold another Board Meeting this week to finalise Board matters for the year.

During the meeting early in the term we reviewed and discussed several documents. The documents included:

  • The Fremantle LDC Business Plan Self-Assessment 2018
  • The Fremantle LDC Grievance Process document
  • The Fremantle LDC Dress Code for Students Policy

In addition, Manager of Corporate Services, Lesley Dowling presented the Board with the latest Finance Report and The Fremantle LDC Draft Budget for 2019.

Wendy Strang presented her Principal’s report to keep the Board up to date with relevant key financial and operational information.

Wendy informed the Board that the Fremantle LDC P&C Association had raised over $15,000 this year in their fundraising projects. The Board would like to extend their appreciation and gratitude to all Fremantle LDC P&C members on this impressive achievement and thank them for their support and hours of volunteering which will help make a significant difference to supporting the students at our school.

The Board would also like to congratulate Viv Doig on her appointment as the 0.2 fixed term Principal and the Board looks forward to continuing to work with both Wendy and Viv to support the Fremantle LDC to ensure the best outcomes for all our students.

Upcoming Board Activities

The next board meeting will be held on Thursday 6th of December.

During this meeting we will be reviewing Board member’s intentions for 2019. We will then hold a nomination process in 2019 to fill any vacant positions.

On behalf of the Board, I wish all students, staff and their families a safe and relaxing Christmas and New Year.

Jo Wiese
Fremantle LDC School Board