Virtue of the Fortnight: Friendliness

What is Friendliness?

Friendliness is being a friend. It is taking an interest in other people. It is going out of your way to make others feel welcome or to make a stranger feel at home. When you are friendly, you happily share your belongings, time, ideas and feelings. You share the good times and the bad times together. Friendliness is the best cure  for loneliness.

Why Practice It?

Friendliness keeps you and others from feeling lonely or left out. It helps people feel that they belong. When something good or bad happens, it feels good to share it with a friend. Friendships don’t just happen – they are made by people who are willing to be themselves with each other.

Virtue of the Fortnight: Patience

How Do You Practice Patience?

Practicing patience is accepting things you cannot control, like the way other people act, or even an illness or handicap you have to live with. Patience is waiting without complaining. When you are patient, you show gentleness when you or others make mistakes. You set goals and persevere until your goals are won. You picture the end in the beginning. You know that good things take time.


I am patient. I am gentle with others and myself when we make mistakes. I wait calmly. I trust that things will turn out right.