Willagee News: Battery Recycling

No batteries should ever be placed in your kerbside bins. Batteries contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals which contaminate the compost made from the contents of the FOGO bins, or leach toxic chemicals into the environment when they go into landfill.

We are fortunate to have a Battery World recycling bin at our Willagee school site. Please bring your used batteries to the front office for recycling.


Willagee News: Perth City Ballet Dance Incursion



On Tuesday the 24th of June the Pre-primary to Year Three students at our Willagee site participated in a dance incursion by the Perth City Ballet which promoted the Act-Belong-Commit message:

Act – do something…  Belong – do something with someoneCommit – do something meaningful

The performers, Dance Proms, introduced the students to a wide range of dance styles and music.  The dancers, Jemma, Erin and Logan along with DJ Bridge thrilled the students with their acrobatics, hip-hop, break-dancing, classical ballet and tap dancing.

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