Curriculum News: FRIENDS Resilience Updates

TA18 and TA22 presented their assembly at the end of Term 3 and showcased the importance of being resilient and having a go at new things. They dressed up and sang a song about Thumpalina, a kangaroo ballerina. Thumpalina had some red thoughts about trying a new dance but she changed those red thoughts to green thoughts and had a go.

In TA3 and TA4, we have learnt how valuable it is to have a strong support team. Family and friends are a very important part of that team. The students’ wrote the names of people on a hand, who they felt they could ask if they needed help or advice at home or school. This was then stuck onto the class ‘Friendship Tree’. We also discussed the qualities of a good friend and the students’ answered the question, ‘What do you look for in a friend?’ ‘What does friendship mean to you?’ Some of the important qualities identified by TA3 and TA4 were: someone who smiles at me, a person who’s kind to me, someone who cares about me, a good role model, kind friends make the best friends, friends laugh together and friends teach each other new things. These  became the leaves of the ‘Friendship Tree.