Event News: Big Day Out

On Monday the Year 3’s from Bull Creek joined the Year 3’s from Willagee and Beeliar for the Big Day Out. What a day they had!

First was Recess on the Esplanade. The children ate their snacks and then played on the playground. It was lovely to see the children showing courtesy to the young children at the playground and waiting for their turn. It was also lovely to see some of the Year 3 children showing bravery and persistence when trying new challenges on the playground. Some of the teachers also explored the cool playground and tried out the climbing frame and slide!

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Then we headed into Cicerellos and listened to a talk about some of the sea creatures in the tanks. The children were even able to touch some of the creatures. Once again we saw some children showing bravery when faced with a new situation.

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After that, we headed out to the beach and all the children collected some interesting items from the sand. We ended up with an interesting collection and one lucky person even found a fossil of a tree root.

The next challenge was to build a sandcastle on the beach. Lots of the children decorated their sand castle with their collection of beach items.

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Then we all washed our hands carefully and headed upstairs at Cicerellos to have lunch, fish and chips, of course! By then, everyone was hungry and enjoyed their lunch.

Our last stop was the bowling alley where the children showed off their bowling skills. Not only were they expert bowlers but also good sports and this activity was enjoyed by all!

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Finally, we said good-bye to our Willagee and Beeliar friends and went back to school on the bus.

We were very tired after our busy day but we all had an awesome day. What a great way to celebrate graduating from the Fremantle LDC! Miss MacDonald was sick so I got to step in at the last minute and go to my first Big Day Out ever. I was so impressed with the maturity and behaviour of all the children yesterday. Even at the end of the day when everyone was tired, the children were awesome. I was so lucky to spend the day with them all!

Allison Gorman