Parent TV Highlights: This Weeks Snapshot

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This weeks highlights include:

Let the kids loose with a hammer and nails?

Absolutely, says Lukas Ritson, an expert in loose parts and ‘risky’ play for kids, and a master of making fun with found objects!

The Outdoor Educator and founder of Wearthy – an organisation changing the mindset of play since 2013. He is all about connecting children with nature and empowering adults to join the play revolution. Keeping children curious, creative and confident through offering the adventurous childhood they deserve – this is the principle that elevates Lukas’s play environments.

Lukas believes that play should be a holistic experience for children – one that fosters connection, encourages resilience, and cultivates compassion. His innovative playground designs emphasise sustainable, quality materials, as they create a healthy stage for limitless learning opportunities.

His extensive knowledge as an outdoor educator heavily influences his design style: green open spaces scattered with native plants for free-range exploration; recycled timber structures to climb and welcome risk; secluded zones for quiet moments. A background in the culinary arts drives him to ignite a positive early relationship with food by incorporating garden beds and chicken coops into early educational centres and schools.

Lukas has made a whole set of inspiring, informative and practical videos to encourage parents to not focus on the outcome but to enjoy the moment.


The Orange Experiment

In this video, Lukas Ritson and his daughter show us an experiment that illustrates why children need to be given real, multi-sensory play experiences. Watch the video here:


Gardening With Kids

Lukas Ritson discusses the benefits of gardening with kids and gives some advice on how to get started. Watch the video here:


The Benefits of Mud Play

Did you know that playing with mud has immune system and developmental benefits for kids, as well as being super fun? Lukas Ritson explains! Watch the video here: