ParentTV Highlights: This Weeks Snapshot

Our school has signed up to this amazing resource so it is FREE for you as a parent of Fremantle Language Development Centre to use.

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This weeks’ highlights include:

This is one simple thing that EVERY parent can do to connect with their child!

The impact of doing this small thing has the power to change your relationship for the better – whether they are in preschool or in high school.

For more ideas on how to connect with your kids, watch Maggie Dent’s video on ParentTV here:

One of our biggest concerns as parents with school-aged children is bullying. And with good reason according to figures collated by the government initiative Bullying. No Way!

Like most parents, we wish we could protect our kids forever and shield them from hurtful experiences.  However, as the prime time for bullying is when kids are not under our supervision, instead we need to equip them with the tools to diffuse and deal with bullying situations effectively before they go too far.

So how do you teach your children to handle bullies? Read the blog here:

Have you ever asked your children how their day was and had no response? Has your child ever behaved in a challenging way and when asked why they behaved that way, they shut down? Here are Dr Justin’s tips to help you find out what’s really going on in your child’s life and brain! Watch the video here: