ParentTV Highlights: This Weeks Snapshot

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This weeks’ highlights include:

Managing Anger and Eruptions

This course is about understanding anger in our children and what to do about it.

This seminar was filmed live when Dr Vanessa Lapointe recently presented it at a local school.  It is a 2 hour long seminar which is broken down into 4 videos to make it easier to watch over a couple of days.


Why Boys Behaviour is their Language

For a number of reasons, our boys are often conditioned to go straight to anger, rather than allowing other feelings like sadness or regret or fear. This video takes a look at why being tough on boys particularly can sometimes trigger their primal-brain reactions, and suggests ways to connect and listen to your kids and boost their happy brain chemicals in times where conflict might looming.

My Kids Make Me Crazy, What’s Up With That?

In this video David looks at why parents feel so crazy when their kid’s behave in certain ways.  David also gives some great suggestions using a conscious attachment parenting framework of how we as parents can approach things differently to process our own emotions when we get triggered by our kids.