Principal News: Welcome to Term 1

I am happy to let our school community know that the Fremantle LDC IPS Review Report is completed and has been uploaded for viewing in the publications section. Please take the time to read the review on the schools performance over the past three years. Parents can also access a paper copy from the school office.

Term 1 has been a successful start for all students and staff. Children are to be congratulated on how quickly they have settled into classroom routines with a positive attitude and effort. In the first few weeks of term 1 classroom teachers have been organising whole class parent/teacher meetings and it has been wonderful to see so many parents attending and supporting these meetings. When teachers and parents work in partnership the child is able to make the connections between home and school which in turn builds confidence, resilience and supports learning. Throughout the year there will be parent teacher meetings and parent information talks. I encourage all parents and carers to attend these important meetings so we can work together to support your child’s development both socially and academically.

Teachers have already started assessment and analysis of data with planning and programming of identified target areas to follow. There will be an opportunity for parents to meet with the classroom teacher on an individual basis to view the assessment data and their child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP’s) in weeks 10 and 11 of this term.

In Pre Primary all children are required to complete the WA Department of Education On-entry Assessment program in Literacy and Numeracy. The main purpose of this program is to provide teachers with information about the skills and understandings that a child brings to school. Over the next few weeks all Pre Primary students will be completing the On-entry Literacy assessment and students in Pre Primary to Year 2 will complete the On-entry Numeracy assessment. While the Literacy assessments provides valuable

information for students in mainstream the Fremantle LDC recognise the need to administer additional assessments that provide greater in-depth analysis of our students’ literacy needs. It is these assessments that will guide the planning and programming for your child’s Individual Education Plan.

At the start of the year all staff participated in professional learning on Wellbeing, the benefits of a Growth Mindset and how to foster it in our students. This was a highly valuable workshop that has provided teachers with strategies to support our students to develop a Growth Mindset. Key strategies you may find your child coming home and talking about are:

  • their “brain is a muscle” that can be developed
  • success doesn’t happen without effort, persistence and making mistakes
  • using the word “yet” when a child is having difficulty

I am currently organising an opportunity for parents to find out about Growth Mindsets and how you can support your child. I will let you know as soon as a date is set.

Our P&C is a hard working group of parents who encourage other parents to become involved at any level they can manage. I would also like to thank the parents who have agreed to be their child’s class representative. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Wendy Strang