Principal News: Goodbye from Mrs Strang

This term we have seen many of the children having rich learning experiences through visits and incursions. These experiences have supported the students word knowledge and understanding about our community workers. The visits included the local shops, post office and library along with incursions from hospital workers, fire fighters and ambulance officers. A dance performance by City Ballet for the Act, Belong Commit program was enjoyed by all the students at the Willagee site. In term 3 students will continue to have hands on learning experiences through excursions to the zoo and visits from farmyard animals.

Over the past weeks Deputy Principals/SAER Coordinators have been meeting with all teachers, speech pathologists and our school occupational therapist to review the children’s Individual Education Plans. It is always wonderful to hear of the progress and gains that the children are making. This week school reports will be shared with parents at a meeting with the classroom teacher to discuss their child’s progress. I hope that you can make the time to attend these meetings.

The school is continually looking at ways to improve the content and delivery of programs for our students. To support this, we work closely with Curtin University to look at research into how students with speech and language difficulties learn. We currently have an PhD student from Curtin completing a research program on word learning with our year 1 and 2 students. I would like to thank the parents who have agreed to have their child participate and encourage others to complete the necessary forms.

As you are aware I am retiring at the end of this term and Vivienne Doig will be in the principal’s role for semester 2. Viv is a highly experienced teacher and administrator with a strong understanding of developmental language disorders. I am confident that the school will continue to be a school of excellence under her leadership. I would like to thank all parents/carers and community members past and present for their wonderful support while I have been a teacher, deputy principal and principal at the Carawatha/Fremantle LDC. I have been very fortunate to have worked with highly dedicated and professional staff and to be a part of the exciting development of language development centres over the past 37 years. I wish all the best for students and their families in the future.

Wendy Strang