Principals’ News: Welcome to Term 2

The children have returned to school refreshed and enthusiastic to learn. It was wonderful to see the excitement as they reconnected with their friends and shared their holiday experiences. This term the Speech Pathologists will start their classroom programs with whole class and small group programs along with individual support when required. In addition, we have two new Occupational Therapy Curtin students Nic Ng and Lisa Joske who will be supporting students under the supervision of our Occupational Therapist Berry Johnston. In week 5 on Wednesday 29th May, Berry will be running a parent information session on how you can support your child’s ability to attend and self-regulate. These are important skills for learning. I encourage you to put the date in your diary and look forward to seeing you then.

A key focus for all schools in 2019 is to increase the knowledge of the history, culture and experiences of Aboriginal people and to explicitly use this in classroom practice. On Monday our staff participated in a day of professional learning on the Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework. In the morning they joined all schools from the Cockburn Central Education Network for two very informative sessions by Professor Simon Forrest, Curtin University and Kevin O’Keefe, Principal Advisor Aboriginal Education. We then returned to school and spent the afternoon reflecting and discussing how as a school we can be more culturally responsive. As we continue with our planning we hope to have our aboriginal families join us in sharing knowledge and experience to increase both staff and students’ understanding of Aboriginal history and culture.

Our P&C continues to work hard to support fundraising for the school. There will be an upcoming Bunnings Sausage Sizzle, Mother’s Day raffle and a cake stall on election day. I hope that you can all support these events by spreading the word and putting your hand up when the P&C ask for volunteers.

We look forward to a busy but productive term.

Wendy Strang and Viv Doig