Occupational Therapy

The Fremantle Language Development Centre has recognised the importance of that motor skills and motor development in a child’s life. Motor skills have a significant impact on a child’s participation in the classroom and playground and can have an overall effect to the child’s learning outcomes.

As such, the Fremantle Language Development Centre now has on site an Occupational Therapist to provide Occupational Therapy services to the school community. The focus of this service includes:

  • Screening for kindy and new to pre primary students
  • Education – for families and teachers
  • Targeted referral services – including assessment and consultation.

Kindergarden Screening Program

Each child in kindy will engage in a one to one screening assessment which provides insight to the students motor development and will assist in identifying students that may benefit from referral to an agency for services. Families and teachers will receive written reports on the child’s outcomes in the screening session along with information on strategies to use at home and in the classroom.

Parents will be invited to an information session on what the screening tool assesses and why this is important in the school setting.

Information Sheet – Occupational Therapy Screening
OT Screening Assessment – Parent Information Session Video


Planned education events will be held throughout the year for families and staff, covering a range of topics from sensory processing to fine motor skills. This will also include generic classroom information for teachers to support children as a whole.

Targeted referral services

Some children will already be receiving services from outside therapy agencies or may be on waitlist for Child Development Services. When teachers are seeking specific information or support regarding an individual student, they can refer that student to the OT for assessment and support. This may assist the teacher and family whilst the student is waiting to receive services or when other referrals and services are not in place.


Sensory processing

A large component of the work of the OT in the school setting is on the students being able to self-regulate. There are significant links between sensory processing and self-regulation and through teacher guidance, classroom design and access to equipment and activities, children are better supported to be able to self regulate. What is sensory processing? Sensory Equipment

Cosmic Kids Yoga – Video
Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Kids and Adults – Video


Dynamic Classroom


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