School Board News: Your Fremantle LDC School Board Update

Board Activities

We held one Board Meeting this term.

Wendy presented the Board with the latest Finance Report and her Principal’s report to keep the Board up to date with relevant key financial and operational information. Wendy also provided board members with information regarding the following documents:

  • Funding Agreement for Schools 2019
  • Fremantle LDC Funding Agreement Schedule 2019

Viv provided the Board with a copy of the Workforce Management Framework which had been reviewed in 2019 and shared with the Board the strategies in place to manage the current workforce at Fremantle LDC.

The Board reviewed the process of holding the Annual Public Meeting in Term 2 ahead of a scheduled Board Meeting and although no parents attended this meeting last term, it was agreed to continue to hold the Annual Public Meeting in term 2 in this format and continue to encourage parents to attend.

In line with the Board having updates on relevant school policies, the Board were presented with the Performance and Development Cycle documents for Teachers, Education Assistants, Speech Pathologists and Deputy Principals at Fremantle LDC to keep the board up to date with these documents.

The Board took time to farewell Wendy and thank her for her vision, leadership and guidance of the School Board. In addition, the Board thanked Wendy on behalf of all the students, parents and staff she had positively impacted over the last 40+ years.

The Board would like to acknowledge the passion, vision, dedication and commitment of Wendy to making a difference in the education and lives of students and their families over the past 40+ years. The Board will miss Wendy and wish her all the best in her retirement.

The Board looks forward to working under the leadership of Viv Doig in her role as Acting Principal for the remainder of 2019.

Upcoming Board Activities

The next board meeting will be held on Thursday 22nd of August at 6.30pm in the Conference Room at the Fremantle LDC Willagee site.

Jo Wiese
Fremantle LDC School Board