Speech Pathology News: Comprehension

What is Comprehension and why is it important?

Comprehension refers to your child’s ability to understand language. Comprehension skills are important in the classroom for following instructions and for learning new information.

Following Instructions:

Some instructions require children to understand spatial words or prepositions. These tell your child where something needs to go. These words include on, under, over, in, in front, behind and next to.

Ideas for teaching spatial prepositions:

  • Start with two prepositions to practice with your child e.g. on and under
  • Pick a motivating activity for your child e.g. use their favourite toy, make an obstacle course, go to a playground
  • Model the prepositions for your child using the activity e.g. go on the slide and say we are on the slide, go under the slide and say we are under the slide.
  • Give your child some directions using the spatial prepositions you showed them.

Activity: Spatial prepositions colouring activity

  • Colour the bird in the bird bath yellow
  • Colour the bird on the bird bath blue
  • Colour the bird above the bird bath green
  • Colour the bird in front of the bird bath pink
  • Colour the bird behind the bird bath purple
  • Colour the bird next to the bird bath orange

How to make it easier:

Break the instructions into two parts. For example, ask your child to point to the bird in the birdbath and once they’ve pointed to the correct bird, ask them to colour the bird yellow.