Principals’ News

Term 1 has been as usual a busy and productive one for our school. The students are to be congratulated on their ability to work hard and face challenges with a growth mindset. Language assessments by our speech pathologists have supported our teachers’ development of the children’s Individual Education Plans. We hope you have found the parent teacher meetings to discuss these IEPs helpful and informative.

It has been great to see the families who have attended our parent information sessions on Speech and Language for new parents, Developing your Child’s Growth Mindset and the Fun Friends/ Friends program. Next term the P&C meeting and parent information session will be on Wednesday 29th May. An important skill for all children is the ability to self-regulate their emotions and behaviour so they can attend and focus for learning. The term 2 parent talk will focus on the ways you can support your child in this area and will be provided by our occupational therapist Berry Johnston.

Our small but hard working P&C have some important fundraising events in Term 2 and we hope all families will be able to support them. The money they raise provide the additional resources your children have in their classrooms. We would like to thank the P&C for their generosity this year in contributing $3,000 to our oral language and curriculum areas. In addition, they have also given an additional $4,107.50 to our teachers’ wish list. This has bought Maths kits, extra wobble stools, reading books, language games and supported a children’s’ garden project. So please put your hand up to help out at the sausage sizzle and cake stall. The P&C will send out more information soon.

The holiday break provides an opportunity for you to extend your child’s vocabulary and world knowledge through visits and holiday activities. These can be as simple as a bush walk, a visit to the harbour to watch the boats and cranes or a trip on the train/ bus. Remember to name, describe and discuss what you see and most important see how much they can remember later on. We hope you all have a happy and safe holiday break with your children. We look forward to the children returning on Tuesday 30th April.

Kind regards

Wendy Strang and Vivienne Doig