Beeliar News: Welcome and an Important Message


Next Monday 23rd November we will be welcoming 3 student teachers from The University of Notre Dame for their first teaching prac. They will be with us for 2 weeks and came to meet us all this week. If you see them around, please say hello to Erin, Emma and Emma. We look very forward to having them in our classrooms TA2, TA3 and TA4.

Behaviour at Beeliar PS

Dear Beeliar FLDC Families,

Please see below an important message from Beeliar Primary School Principal, Louise O’Donovan.

“Dear parents

Last Thursday I called a special assembly for all children from years 1 to 6 to discuss our behaviour expectations at Beeliar PS.  Over the last few weeks we have noticed a decline in Stand Tall behaviour and blatant incidents of disrespect, bullying and meanness.

While the majority of our children make the right choice, we have a growing group of children who are finding it difficult to behave appropriately at school.  I have decided to draw a line in the sand and have issued a “three strikes and you’re out” policy for the next five weeks of term.  That means that if your child receives three think spot sheets, or playground infractions they will lose their good standing for a two-week period.  This means that they will be excluded from any extra curricula activity during that time (i.e. Fun Day, excursions, class parties etc.)

The children had a very clear message about our Beeliar PS behaviour expectations; respect your teachers, no physical violence towards each other and no bullying type behaviours including being unkind.  I have also reiterated that if I receive a report of inappropriate behaviour after school hours and our students are in school uniform, I will be contacting you to discuss further, as they are putting the reputation of our school into disrepute.

Please know that my decisions will be fair and developmentally appropriate.  I hope that together we can help our children finish the year on a high.  I would appreciate your partnership and support to reinforce these expectations with your child.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss this further.

Louise O’Donovan”