Beeliar News: Welcome to Term 2

Dear Parents

Welcome to Term 2 to all students and families who have returned to school and welcome also to the children and families who are continuing with home learning. The students have settled in quickly and were very happy and excited to see their friends and teachers again. The drop off and pick up of students at the gate or roundabout each day is working very well and we thank all families for their patience and support when dropping and collecting children each day. Drop off time in the morning is 8:30am. Please collect your child from the gate at 2:45pm except for early close on Tuesday where pick up time is 2:30 pm. If your child is going to be late, has an appointment or needs to be collected early, please let your child’s teacher know in advance so that we can organise for a teacher or education assistant to meet your child at the gate or roundabout.


Beeliar Primary School will be hosting a virtual assembly each Monday at 2:15pm until 3:00pm via Webex. You will receive an invitation to join the assembly via email. An alternate method is to open the Webex website and click on “join”.  If you enter the code that is contained in the current email, it will take you to our meeting place. You will be notified by your child’s classroom teacher if they will be receiving an honour certificate. Hope you can join us online. Please let us know if you are having any difficulty viewing the assembly.

New School Crossing

As Beeliar Primary School is new to having a Children’s Crossing there is certain information that needs to be communicated. Please see below:

  • All students and pedestrians will be instructed by the Traffic Warden to wait until the warden gives two short blasts of her whistle before crossing. The Traffic Warden will ensure that all traffic has stopped or are clearly stopping before doing so.
  • Students who cycle to/from school will be requested by the Traffic Warden to dismount before entering the carriageway. As bicycles been ridden are deemed to be vehicles and they wish to use a Children’s (Pedestrian) Crossing they need to become a pedestrian and this is also a requirement of the Road Traffic Act.
  • Where possible the Traffic Warden will try and group a number of pedestrians before the traffic warden begins to cross them. This helps the traffic/pedestrian flow to work in cohesion with one another. Otherwise, traffic jams can become a problem.
  • The Traffic Warden will stand for the greater part on the side of the road opposite the school in the morning and on the school’s side in the afternoon. This allows them to have greater control of the pedestrians.
  • We have arranged for the operating hours to be from 08:00 am – 09:00 am and 14:45 pm – 15:45

We are very grateful to have had a Traffic Warden appointed to help our students arrive and leave school safely.

Book Club

Book Club will be online for the remainder of Term 2. Please see the following link to view the catalogue and place an order:

If you have any queries, please call the Beeliar Primary School office on 6174 1400.

Thank you from the Book Club organiser.


The canteen will be re-opening every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week commencing on May 13th. You should have received a Term 2 menu in your child’s communication book which explains how to order recess and/or lunch for your child. Please note that no cash will be accepted at the school canteen.


You may have heard the Beeliar Principal Mrs O’Donovan talking about Beeliar Primary School switching from Flexischools to using Connect as a means of informing parents. Please note that the Fremantle LDC will not be using Connect and Beeliar information will be sent to you via the Fremantle LDC website.

Kind regards

Beeliar Staff