Beeliar News: Week 4 Updates

TA10 Assembly

Please click the below link to view this weeks Assembly presented by TA10.

After a few technical issues and an obvious glitch in the middle of the assembly item, we managed to get up what we could for you to enjoy.

We will endeavour to improve on the recordings of all events in the weeks and months to come.

Thank you for your patience.

Beeliar Primary School Admin

Success Dental Therapy Centre Enrolment Forms

For our students who are new to the Beeliar site, Success Dental Therapy Centre Enrolment Forms should have been received. Please return these to your classroom teacher as soon as possible.

If you wish to book an appointment at the dental clinic please contact them on 9499 1938.

Public Holiday & Pupil Free Day

A reminder that Monday 7 March is the Labour Day Public Holiday and Tuesday 8 March is a Pupil Free Day. Students return to school on Wednesday 9 March.

Beeliar PS P&C Cookie Dough Fundraiser

We are off to a fantastic start with our Cookie Dough Fundraising for Beeliar Primary School.

It’s never too late to register and help fundraise for our spectacular school.

How do we create a Fundraising Page? Creating a fundraising page is easy!

  1. Visit and click the “Student/Parent Login” button.
  2. Choose your goals and create a unique avatar!
  3. Place your order using the “Order Now” button and share your fundraising page with your family and friends via the “Share” section so they can start buying some yummy cookie dough. Easy!

How do prizes work?

Every Student who sells a tub will receive an incentive prize for their efforts! But why not aim higher? The more tubs you sell the more prizes you will receive!

There are 12 prizes available, so set your own fundraising goal and aim for them all! Prizes are automatically ordered at the end of our fundraiser based on the number of tubs you have sold. Prizes are subject to availability.

Win a $10,000 JB Hi-Fi Shopping Spree! Our highest tub seller will go into a draw to win a $10,000 JB Hi-Fi Shopping Spree. Plus, every [student/member] that achieves all online virtual badges will win a Billy G’s “You’re One Awesome Cookie” Bag Tag.

Want to aim even higher? Australia’s highest tub seller will scoot away with a Razor Prize Pack valued at $3,000. How exciting!

Let’s earn some prizes and funds for our amazing school!

Danielle Maynard
Beeliar Primary School P&C

Beeliar News: Week 3 Updates

Welcome New Staff Member

We welcome Minnie Pongjapoa to our team. Minnie will be working in TA22 each alternate Friday.

Pertinent COVID Information specific to Beeliar Primary School

We would like to inform you of the processes that are currently in place should a student or teacher test positive for COVID19 – or be classified as a “close contact”.  There have been an increasing number of primary schools where COVID has impacted on staff and students which have resulted in people needing to isolate either due to infection or being a close contact.

In the event of the school being notified that a staff or student has tested positive our first port of call will be our Principal Liaison at the Department of Education.  This will help determine which students within the school (if any) will be deemed “close contacts”.

Currently the stipulations are as follows:

– A student or staff member that tests positive for COVID 19 will need to isolate for a period of 7 days as advised by the Health Department.  After this period, if they are symptom free, they will be able to return to school.

– Where a staff member or student is deemed to be a close contact, they will also need to isolate for 7 days and test negative for COVID 19 prior to returning to school.  There will be further communication should this transpire.  A close contact has a specific definition regarding the length of contact, and the level of protection worn by both the potential contact and the infected person.  There is no longer recognition in terms of “casual contacts” in relation to isolation.

We are conscious of the need to continue to minimise the amount of cross-cohort indoor activity and as such the following conditions remain in place:

1. There are no Assemblies or Block meetings where larger groups of staff and students will meet

2. We continue to ask for the arrival at school to be as close to 8.35am as possible

3. Parents are asked to always wear a mask on the school site – and remain out of classrooms (if you require a meeting with the teacher – please contact them via email and an alternate arrangement can be made to ensure that these important communications can proceed in some form

4. Staff will continue to wear masks indoors when not engaged in the teaching process

5. All staff, parents and students are strongly advised to remain at home when they have any COVID-like symptoms and to get tested before returning to school.

We continue to receive advice and information regarding the COVID situation and will update you when the “operating guidelines” change.  We do understand that it is an uncertain time and would like to assure parents that we will continue to endeavour to keep everyone safe – and at the same time keep things as normal as possible.  If your child is feeling particularly anxious – or you would like to have a chat about any concerns that you have regarding COVID or the response within the school, please do not hesitate to contact the office and we will be most happy to discuss this with you.

So far we have been fortunate regarding COVID and we hope that this continues.

Thanks to everyone for your understanding and support in these uncertain times, we certainly appreciate it!

Kind Regards,

Daniel Mort
Beeliar Priamry School


Beeliar News: Welcome to Beeliar LDC

Dear Parents,

We would like to welcome all new families to Fremantle Language Development Centre Beeliar site and welcome back all our families from last year. We hope you had an enjoyable holiday break.

Term 1 is under way and all of the students have settled in very well and are fully engaged in their learning programs. Please read the following information:


We would like to welcome new staff to the Beeliar Site. The Beeliar LDC staff for this year are:

  • Mrs Mollie Mcilwaine –  TA22 PP/Y1 Class Teacher
  • Ms Kristen Levitzke –  TA22, TA4 PP/Year 1, Year 1/2 Support Teacher
  • Mrs Verna Hadwiger –  TA22 Education Assistant
  • Mrs Mikayla Orzanski – TA22 Speech Pathologist
  • Mr Kallan Lauritsen- TA3/TA4 Education Assistant
  • Mrs Elizabeth Langford–Smith – TA4 Year 1/2 Class Teacher
  • Mrs Jasmyn Hall – TA3/TA4 Speech Pathologist
  • Mrs Caron Reid – TA3 Year 2/3 Class Teacher
  • Mrs Lauren Hoath – TA3 Support Teacher
  • Mrs Nichola Middlemiss – Deputy Principal
  • Mrs Samara Gleed – School Officer (Tuesday fortnightly)
  • Mr David Evans – Physical Education Teacher (Monday)


School commences at 8:40am and finishes at 2:55pm. The school bus leaves at 2.50pm so that it can be out of the school parking area before the other children leave.  Every Tuesday our classes finish at 2.30pm for Early Close, bus times will remain the same and Beeliar Primary School are not involved in Early Close. In line with the current safety settings for schools we are asking for the arrival time at school to be between 8.30am (at the earliest) and 8.40am when classes start.


All communication regarding your child, needs to go through either our LDC office on 6174 1409 or the main site at Willagee on 9312 4850. In the case when there are no staff in the LDC office, you will always be able to reach Penny or Sam at the Willagee site and they will pass on the message immediately. Please do not contact the Beeliar Primary School main office as they will direct you to the above.


The school canteen will be available for students from Tuesday to Friday 8.30am to 1.50pm. Children can order lunches by placing the correct amount of money in a lunch bag, which will be available at the canteen. Bags must have the child’s name, class number and order clearly written on them. It is also possible to order canteen meals online – The Term 1 Canteen Menu can be found on the Beeliar Primary School website –


All Students from PP-year 3 will be participating in one week of swimming lessons from 14th March – 18th March at the Cockburn Arc. The lesson structure will be 2 x 40 minute lessons with a 10-minute break. Thank you to all families who have returned their permission forms and payment. If your child is not participating in swimming lessons you will need to inform their class teacher in writing.


Beeliar PS and Fremantle LDC are nut conscious schools, please do not send in any nuts or products containing nuts such as peanut butter, Nutella or muesli bars as several children have severe nut allergies. Your co-operation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.


If your child is going home from school in a manner which is different from his/her usual transport (e.g. with another parent instead of on the bus) please let us know by writing in your child’s communication book. Please also alert the bus driver (Adel) of the change. If you have to make a change during the day, please ring the LDC office 6174 1409 or contact the Willagee site 9312 4850 and a message will be sent via email.


If your child is unwell please do not send him/her to school. When they’re well enough to return, please send a note explaining their absence. Please notify the school by phone when your child is absent on 6174 1409/ 9312 4850 or by SMS to 0408 946 795. Automated text messages will be sent to parents on the day of an unexplained absence. During school hours, please sign your child out through the classroom sign out book if they need to attend an appointment.


Fremantle LDC joins with Beeliar Primary School for assemblies which are held at 2.00pm on Monday afternoon once per fortnight. The next assembly for this term will be on Monday 21st February. Please note that due to Covid-19 restrictions parents are unable to attend this assembly.  It will be recorded for you to watch at home.  Honour certificates are awarded to students from each class for their efforts or contribution in class.


The school uniform shop is open every Friday morning during Term 1 from 8.30am – 9.00am.  Uniform items can also be purchased online through FlexiSchools –  A school hat is part of the school uniform and children are required to wear a hat when playing outside. Hats remain at school for children to be able to participate in school activities. Please also protect your child by putting sun cream on before they come to school. Any lost property is placed in the lost property bin in block 3, please name all articles clearly.


Please check that your child has either fruit of vegetable (preferably cut up) each day for the short Crunch ‘n’ Sip break. Your child will also need a large bottle of fresh water each day to drink.


We would love to have Beeliar parent representatives on the Fremantle LDC P&C. The P&C meets twice a term at our Willagee site and is a great way to develop an understanding of the running of the school and to develop friendships across the sites. Each class is asked to nominate a P&C representative to share information with the parents in the class.  If you are interested or have any questions, please contact the Willagee site office on 9312 4850 or talk to your class teacher.


Mr David Evans takes the students in TA22, TA3 and TA4 for sport lessons every Monday. It is important that children are appropriately dressed for running around, jumping etc. (e.g. wear shorts or trousers instead of a dress and wear closed in footwear). It is vital that all children have a hat and a drink bottle of fresh water at school every day.  Children may wear their faction shirt on Mondays if you wish. Faction shirts can be purchased from the uniform shop (as mentioned above). If you need to know your child’s faction, please ask your class teacher.


The afternoon pickup time is a time of congestion with cars, bicycles and children on foot. To minimise the danger, all parents are asked to keep the main exit points from the school clear and exercise caution when leaving the vicinity of the school. Parent parking, dropping off or picking up is not permitted in the staff car park in front of the office. Parent parking and drop off facilities are provided in the first car park on The Grange and in the drive through area in front of the ECE block and oval.


The Fremantle LDC website has been developed to provide ongoing information and updates on school events. The website is continually being updated and is compatible with your mobile phone. The school newsletter will be available on the website, along with photos of school events, details on parent information workshops and dates for P&C meetings.


  • 14th – 18th February – Swimming Lessons
  • Monday 7th March – Labour Day Public Holiday (no school)
  • Tuesday 8th March – Pupil Free Day (no school)
  • Friday 8th April – Last day of Term 1

We are looking forward to a rewarding year working with your child at the Beeliar Fremantle LDC.

Kind Regards,

Fremantle LDC Beeliar Staff

Beeliar News: Term 1 Updates

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is P&C funded and facilitated for the convenience of parents and staff.

Opening Times
Term 1: Friday mornings 8.30am – 9.00am
Payment Options: Cash, Cheque, Eftpos (surcharge applied).

Uniforms can also be ordered online with a credit card through Flexischools.

For price list information please refer to the Beeliar Primary School website:

Traffic Wardens 2022

Please see information from WA Police regarding traffic wardens for Beeliar LDC site – Traffic Wardens 2022-Note to Parents