Meet the Staff: Our 2020 Team

Meet our wonderful Fremantle LDC team for 2020!

Front Row: Suzette Blarney, Mollie Kaman, Hayley Hope, Georgie Sounness, Jennie Dawson, Vivienne Doig, Nichola Middlemiss, Ellen Laing, Jasmyn Hall, Cheryl Hope, Marilyn Brown

Second Row: Emily Bradshaw, Michelle Brown, Suzanne Cameron, Megan Griffiths, Simone Hudson, Jennifer Graham, Judith Rangihaeata, Mikayla Orzanski, Rebecca Portwood, Matija Vidovich, Fleur Aris, Kristy Vernon

Third Row: Samara Gleed, Sue Motroni, Allison Gorman, Jill Brooks, Tina Dean, Debra Scarterfield, Lisa Hayley, Penny Newton, Kristen Levitzke, Alison Luff, David Evans, Gail Anderson, Lana Jones

Fourth Row: Lucy Stuart, Verna Hadwiger, Matthew Ryder, Daniella Cicerello, Jenae Claessen, Caron Reid, James Wilson, Tessa Lauritsen, Anna McDonald, Lindie Alberts, Shawna Robertson, Chrissy Kelly, Rachael Edwards

Absent: Cathy Bullock, Eleanor Busby, Jane Duff, Sue Etelaaho, Sarah Ferdinand, Stephanie Fienberg, Kylie Greenock, Sonya Howden, Tracey Hunt, Karen Irwin, Berry Johnston, Teina Peters, Ebony Randall, Zoe Read, Cindy Salinas, Bobbie Townsend, Faye van Dongen

Meet the Staff: The Fremantle LDC Team for 2019

Front Row: Stephanie Fienberg, Teina Peters, Marilyn Brown, Jill Brooks, Nicole Hitchens, Georgie Sounness, Vivienne Doig, Wendy Strang, Nichola Middlemiss, Jennie Dawson, Jasmyn Hall, Faye van Dongen, Michelle Brown, Cheryl Hope

Second Row: Hayley Hope, Karen Irwin, Matija Vidovich, Allison Gorman, Mikayla Orzanski, Nancy Valentino, Megan Griffiths, Kristy Vernon, Lesley Dowling, Sue Etelaaho, Fleur Aris, Suzanne Cameron, Lisa Fiorentino

Third Row: Judith Rangihaeata, Elizabeth Langford-Smith, Tina Dean, Sue Motroni, Alison Luff, Penny Newton, Kristen Levitzke, David Evans, Rebecca Portwood, Gail Anderson

Fourth Row: Debra Scarterfield, Shawna Robertson, Jenae Claessen, Tessa Lauritsen, James Wilson, Caron Reid, Anna McDonald, Lucy Stuart, Verna Hadwiger

Absent: Suzette Blarney, Cathy Bullock, Eleanor Busby, Daniella Cicerello, Jane Duff, Samara Gleed, Kylie Greenock, Lisa Hayley, Sonya Howden, Simone Hudson, Tracey Hunt, Berry Johnston, Mollie Kaman, Ellen Laing, Ebony Randall, Zoe Reid, Bobbie Townsend

Meet the Staff: Meet the Occupational Therapist

Name: Berry Johnston (Berenice)
Consultant Occupational Therapist

I have been known by lots of different names including Berenice, Pair of knees, Bernice, Bezz, Berry and Barry.

I run Lil Peeps OT for Kids and love the work I do at the Fremantle LDC. The staff and school community are so supportive and the students constantly impress me!

I have four daughters who get to “test run” my ideas and intervention and my house is full of scooter boards, fit balls and other gadgets.

I like spending time with family, going on holidays to Rottnest and Dunsborough, drinking coffee, talking  and running.

I love listening to talks by Maggie Dent, Fiona Stanley and Winne Dunn and anyone who talks common sense!