Virtue of the Fortnight: Enthusiasm

What is Enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm is being inspired – full of spirit. It is being cheerful and happy. It is doing something wholeheartedly, with zeal and eagerness – giving 100% to what you do. Being enthusiastic is being excited about something, looking forward to it. It comes from having a positive attitude.

Why Practice It?

Everything becomes boring to a person without enthusiasm. A person without enthusiasm becomes boring, too. Enthusiasm is catching. When you are enthusiastic, other people like to be around you. Enthusiasm makes life more enjoyable.

Virtue of the Fortnight: Tolerance

How Do You Practice Tolerance?

Practicing tolerance is showing respect and appreciation for differences. You don’t judge or tease someone who is different. You make them feel at home. You show forgiveness when someone makes a mistake. Tolerance does not mean being passive and letting someone hurt you. When that happens, you need assertiveness. When you are tolerant, you have patience and flexibility to accept the things you cannot change with good grace.


I am tolerant. I overlook people’s faults. I appreciate differences. I accept the things I cannot change with good grace.

Virtue of the Fortnight: Tolerance

What is Tolerance?

To be tolerant is to accept differences. You don’t expect others to think, look, speak or act just like you. Tolerance is being free of prejudice, knowing that all people have feelings, needs, hopes and dreams. To be tolerant also means to accept things you wish were different with flexibility and patience.

Why Practice It?

People who don’t practice tolerance cannot stand to have anything differ from what they want and expect. Tolerance helps them accept things as they are. People without tolerance judge others by the way they look, sounds, or dress. They decide who can be a friend and who can’t. When people are teased or left out, they feel sad and lonely. When we are tolerant, we don’t allow differences to drive us apart.

Virtue of the Fortnight: Generosity

How Do You Practice Generosity?

When you are generous, you think of ways to share what you have. You think about what people need and do things to give them happiness. You share your time, your ideas, your things, or your money. When you give away something that is really special to you, that is a very generous way to show love. It feels good to give freely, just for the sake of giving.


I am generous. I look for opportunities to give and to share. There is plenty of time for thoughtfulness. I give freely, fully, and joyfully.