Meet The Staff: Meet the Beeliar Team

The Beeliar satellite of the Fremantle LDC consists of 5 classrooms with students ranging from Pre Primary to Year 3. We have a very experienced teaching staff, who are committed to providing an inclusive learning environment for our students with our co-located school, Beeliar Primary School.

This year, we welcomed an additional classroom to our site and we are excited to offer greater opportunities for students with Developmental Language Disorder to access Speech and Language intervention in our area. We are fortunate to work alongside Speech Pathologists, Rachael Edwards, Nancy Valentino and Sarah Ferdinand.

Early Childhood Education

Elizabeth Langford-Smith is the Pre Primary teacher and Technology Curriculum leader. She has been teaching for 15 years in the ACT and WA, the last 5 of these at the Fremantle LDC. She has a passion for teaching Kindergarten and Pre Primary and is supported this year by the wonderful Kallen Lauritsen.

Lisa Fiorentino joins Fremantle LDC this year following 4.5 years as a Consulting Teacher for Disability and Learning Disabilities and 2.5 years in an administrator role managing the Students at Educational Risk and Early Years Portfolios. Her passion lies with teaching the early years and she is loving being back in Pre Primary once again. This year, Sonya Howden and June Simpson are the Education Assistants in TA22.

Block 2

Nicole Ryding has taught at the Fremantle LDC for 9 years and has been at the Beeliar site for 6 years. She works in the Year One class and loves being creative and making learning fun for the TA2 students so they can all learn and grow together!

Jodie Shepherdson is the coordinator at our Beeliar satellite and Year 1/2 teacher in TA4. She has worked at the Fremantle LDC for over 10 years, after returning from working as a teacher in London. During her time, she has been a member of the Fremantle LDC School Board, National Quality Standards and KidsMatter team and Humanities and Social Science (HASS) Curriculum leader.

 Sarah Ferdinand has worked with children with Developmental Language Disorder at Fremantle LDC for over 10 years. She currently works as the Speech Pathologist and support teacher in TA4 and is a member of both the Oral Language and English teams.

Caron Reid is a passionate educator with an interest in the well-being of children and families. She has been teaching Year 2/3 at the Beeliar Fremantle LDC site since 2012. Prior to commencing at Beeliar she taught Year 2/3 at the Willagee site. She is involved in the Fremantle LDC P&C and supports fundraising events. Caron is a member of the KidsMatter and Maths Curriculum Team.

Our Block 2 teachers are ably supported by our hard working Education Assistants, Faye Van Dongen and Tina Dean.

Back row: Caron Reid, Sarah Ferdinand, Jodie Shepherdson, Nancy Valentino
Front row: Nicole Ryding, Faye van Dongen and Tina Dean

Sonya Howden & Lisa Fiorentino

Kallen Lauritsen and Elizabeth Langford-Smith