Meet the Staff: Meet the Early Childhood Team

The Early Childhood Team at the Willagee site caters for our youngest students, the Kindergarten and PrePrimary children.

The Teaching Team (Lucy Stuart, Debra Scarterfield, Ellen Laing and Tessa Lauritsen), Education Assistants (Alison Luff, Cheryl Hope, Sue Motroni, Shawna Robinson, Suzette Blamey, June Burmaz) and Support Teachers (Michelle Green, Lisa Hayley, Jill Willett and Georga McMullin), is passionate and committed to providing quality early intervention for young students with Developmental Language Disorders. We work together closely to ensure that the educational programmes and experiences that are offered in the first years of school provide a smooth transition to school life for our students and their families.

In 2018, there is a fabulous mix of experience, enthusiasm and energy within the team.

Back row (L-R): Shawna Robinson, Tessa Lauritsen and Cheryl Hope
Front row (L-R): Alison Luff, Debra Scarterfield, Lucy Stuart and Sue Motroni

Lucy Stuart
Senior Teacher / Early Years Coordinator/ KidsMatter Team Member
Lucy is currently the Kindergarten Teacher and has been working with young children with DLD for almost 30 years. She also has the role of Early Years Coordinator, working to support the Early Childhood Team in providing a quality service.

Debra Scarterfield
Senior Teacher / KidsMatter Team Leader
Debra Scarterfield is a highly skilled and experienced Teacher. As well as teaching our Kindy/PrePrimary class in A6 this year, she also leads the schools KidsMatter Team that aims to support the mental health and wellbeing of students, families and staff at Fremantle LDC.

Ellen Laing
Classroom Teacher / Aboriginal Education Team Member / Sustainability Committee Member
Ellen began her teaching career at Fremantle LDC in the role of Phys Ed Teacher. She now brings her energy and commitment to PrePrimary in A8. She is also a member of our Aboriginal Education Team and represents the Fremantle LDC (Willagee Site) on the Sustainability Committee.

Tessa Lauritsen
Classroom Teacher / Arts Team Member
Tessa is the newest member of our Team. This year, she teaches PrePrimary and brings enormous enthusiasm and commitment to her first teaching position. Tessa has great insight into our programmes having worked as a relief Education Assistant as she was completing her Degree. She is a valued member of the Arts Curriculum Team.

Our Early Childhood Teachers are ably supported by wonderful Education Assistants, Alison Luff, Cheryl Hope, Sue Motroni, Shawna Robinson, Suzette Blamey, June Burmaz and fabulous Support Teachers, Michelle Green, Lisa Hayley, Jill Willett and Georga McMullin.