Occupational Therapy News: Building Connections

Starting school can often be a challenging time, especially if it’s a first time experience for a kindy child, or the student has moved schools. Not only do the children experience stress, but the families do to!

When connecting with a new school, you may be overwhelmed with lots of information about how things work at the school, as well as information about your child’s skills and abilities. This might be new information to you and it may take some time to understand the impact of this.

The Fremantle LDC access a consultant OT service for the school and through this support, teachers access resources to use in the classroom and utilise classroom wide strategies that can support some key areas to help your child participate at school.

Curtin University students are often engaged to provide intervention to the students which can help to complement the high level of support that the classroom teachers already implement in the classroom.

In term one, all new students will be screened using an OT assessment tool. This will look at your child’s core strength, body awareness, motor skills, fine motor skills and writing abilities. All families will receive a report and parent workshops will be available for you to ask questions about your child’s outcomes.

Some families may already be engaging with an OT provider and the Fremantle LDC encourages families to maintain this support. Early intervention to support your child’s development is extremely valuable and through connections made between teachers, families and health professionals, your child will have the best opportunities to achieve their potential.

The link below shares a great message about the power of early intervention, not only to the child, but also to the community… and how it is everyone’s responsibility.


CoLab (a collaborative research group in WA) have developed some great initiatives and have a free app to assist you in supporting your child’s development. This video provides a great overview of the app – https://www.brighttomorrows.org.au

Berry Johnston
Occupational Therapist