Occupational Therapy News: OT Update

Well just when we were in the swing of things in term one, settling into a new school year, along came COVID-19 – to shake things up, change routines and make us feel on edge! At times we might have felt quite heightened – not knowing what was to come and how it may impact our lives, and at other times we may have even felt like we were enjoying a slower pace of life!

As we see the easing of some restrictions we are seeing some things return to the way they were, but many others are still uncertain and will be for some time to come. Consequently, the Fremantle Language Development Centre had discussions with Curtin University and has cancelled OT student placements for Term 2. This means that there will not be OT students providing direct services to children.

As I am still available to support the school, I will be liaising with the teachers to support them with students who are learning both within the classroom and at home. This may be with provision of resources and in class support. If families would also like any contact and support you are more than welcome to reach out to your classroom teacher who can connect you with me.

I hope the start of term 2 went smoothly for you all, whether you are on site at school or learning at home. Please stay tuned to the OT page on our website for updated links and further information about workshops and resources in the future.

Berry Johnston
Occupational Therapist