Occupational Therapy News: Snakes and Ladders OT Style!

We all know that play is a very important part of childhood and that it plays a very important role in early learning. Play can build motor skills, language skills, social skills, concepts or size and so much more – but what is key is that it is fun!

In our busy lives it is sometimes hard to find time to play and as adults sometimes we even forget how to play and engage with young children. Putting structure into a play activity may help you feel comfortable playing and sometimes it’s just free time and being silly which can be just as beneficial.

Parents often comment to me that they find it hard to sit down and “do therapy” with their child and don’t know where to start, so I have created an “OT snakes and ladders” game which the whole family can enjoy. All you need to do is print out the attachment, make your dice (instructions included), find a few items from around the house and play!

This short, structured game is a great opportunity to work on fine and gross motor skills, but also a great way to develop turn taking, communicate with your child and have some fun.

Snakes and Ladders OT style!


Berry Johnston
Occupational Therapist