Occupational Therapy News: Welcome

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone has had a smooth start to the new school year! It is amazing how fast the summer break can go.

This year is another busy one for the OT program at the Fremantle LDC, with the Curtin University students commencing next week and staying until the end of term. This year the students will be staying for an extra week in their placements, which means extra access to therapy.

Following some great results last year in terms of the development of our student’s core strength, strength will remain a focus for 2019. There are also some new processes in place, to ensure we are supporting as many students as possible from an OT perspective.

If you are a new family to the Fremantle LDC, your child will receive an OT screening assessment in the coming weeks. This process will commence at the end of week three and be completed by the end of term 1. A parent information session will be held, which will explain the importance of the assessment and also allow you opportunities to ask any questions about the report you will receive regarding your child’s physical skills.

There is a lot of information on the school website about the OT strategies we use across the Fremantle LDC, so I encourage to you to visit the link: Occupational Therapy

If you do have any urgent needs relating to OT, I encourage you to talk to your class teacher as this may become part of your child’s Individual Education Plan, or you are welcome to contact me via email: Lil.peeps@hotmail.com

I look forward to an exciting and active year!

Berry Johnston
Occupational Therapist