About the Fremantle LDC Outreach Service

The State-wide Speech & Language service provides valuable support to Western Australian public schools to help young children in kindergarten to year 2 with speech and language difficulties. The service implements an integrated model which aims to build capacity in schools in the areas of language and early literacy development by expanding knowledge and leadership skills of staff within schools. The Fremantle LDC supports schools in the Fremantle/Cockburn, West Kimberley and Pilbara regions.

Our Role

The Fremantle LDC Outreach Service aims:

  • to build the capacity of schools to cater to the diverse learning needs of children, in a sustainable manner.
  • to educate and support school staff in the areas of speech and language. Our staff are continually researching and applying new pedagogy; keeping abreast of advances in speech, language and literacy.
  • to provide professional learning, resources and intensive oral language programs to schools; working to improve the speech and language outcomes of students.