Parent TV Highlights: This Weeks Snapshot

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This weeks highlights include:

One of the mistakes parents often make is thinking of their growing children as though they were small adults.

In this mindset, we can often, by downward extension, apply the same expectations to our children that we would to ourselves. They are to be kind and patient and quiet and respectful.

However, when development is on track and progressing optimally, the early stages of this are going to look different. Sometimes very different!

Here Dr Vanessa talks about trusting in the developmental process and knowing that what ‘childhood done well’ looks like will be very different from the form it will take in adulthood. Watch the video here:


Teaching children how to make friends is a really important life skill that they will carry into their adult years. Claire talks us through some great steps to teach our kids when trying to make new friends, how to join a conversation and the essence of being a good friend. Watch the video here:


Finding time and energy to connect with your kids can be tricky, particularly when you work full time. As draining and frantic as life can be, creating a strong relationship with your child requires you to be intentional and to try and make the most of the time you do have.

In this blog post written by one of our ParentTV experts, Dr Justin Coulson explores routines, traditions and device use and how these can help us connect with our kids.

Read more here: