ParentTV Highlights: This Weeks Snapshot

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This weeks’ highlights include:

Psssssstt! We have a gift for you!

‘The Parent’s Self-Care & Calm Christmas Series’ with ParentTV expert Allison Davies, is our gift to you to say thank you for being a part of the ParentTV community and to help ease the chaos in the lead up to Christmas!

For your first Christmas gift, we’re giving you… a trick to maintaining healthy boundaries!

Picture this: You bump into your friend at the shops (because you seem to be living at the shops at this time of year) and they say, ‘By the way, we’re having a barbecue on Sunday, you should come! The kids can go in the pool and we can catch up.’

Your knee-jerk reaction is to be polite: thank them, accept the invitation and ask what you can bring, right? You like the family, the pool sounds good, you’re free on Sunday. BUT… on the drive home, you’re thinking about it and wishing you hadn’t already said yes.

You’ve got so much else on. Technically, you can fit this it too, but do you actually want to? What will this extra commitment mean for the kids? What about your introverted partner?

As parents, we’re often the gatekeepers for our kids and their schedules, as well as our own.

In this video, Allison shares a neat little trick that capitalises on your brain’s ability to shape new pathways, showing us how this can be used to hold our boundaries and maintain the emotional health and wellbeing of our families and ourselves this Christmas.

Check it out here: