ParentTV Highlights: This Weeks Snapshot

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This weeks’ highlights include:

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day, a worldwide event to raise awareness about online safety. So, whether this is new territory for you or an argument that happens in your house every day, we’ve put together a watch list to help you understand the dangers of kids going online and know how to manage them better.


Dr Kristy will outline the current online safety risks facing young children today. Kristy will share the 3P’s- pornography, predators and peers (cyber-bullying). You’ll be armed with facts, not fears, about simple and effective ways that you can ensure your child’s safety online, without having to ban the iPad or unplug the computer. This video is a must-watch for any worried parents and carers, who want peace of mind that their child’s online time is safe. Click here to watch now.


If you were to ask them, many parents would say the thing they are most worried about when it comes to their children becoming teenagers, is drugs, but there is a new addiction that is taking over our teenager’s lives, and that is technology. Click here to watch now.


Social media has become a normal part of everyday life for teens growing up.  Vanessa takes a deep dive into how this impacts the emotional health of our kids and what we can do to make sure they stay connected in the physical world. Click here to watch now.