ParentTV Highlights: This Weeks Snapshot

We are very excited to be introducing ParentTV.

Our school has signed up to this amazing resource so it is FREE for you as a parent of Fremantle Language Development Centre to use.

If you have misplaced your school code please contact the office: 9312 4850 or email:

This weeks’ highlights include:

Is it okay to use screen-time as a reward or punishment?

Many parents dangle the ‘digital carrot’ to entice kids to behave or motivate their behaviour, or ban the gaming console or the TV as a form of punishment. Dr Kristy explains whether we should use screens as a reward and/or punishment tool without making you feel guilty if this is what you’re currently doing. You’ll understand why using screen-time to reward behaviour is only effective in the short-term and how it alters your relationship with your child. This video will also help you to appreciate why punishing kids with screens can have detrimental consequences. 



Teaching young children to use their words when they’re upset

We’d all like our kids to be able to ‘use their words’ when they’re upset (rather than lashing out, running off or screaming blue murder!). So how do we encourage them to do this? Join child psychiatrist, parenting expert and mother of three, Dr Kaylene Henderson as she shares practical tips on this helpful topic!