ParentTV Highlights: This Weeks Snapshot

Our school has signed up to this amazing resource so it is FREE for you as a parent of Fremantle Language Development Centre to use.

If you need or have misplaced your ParentTV school code please contact the office by phone: 9312 4850 or via email:

This weeks highlights include:

Being a parent, our days are spent attending to the many needs of our children and we tend to neglect our own. It’s important to learn to also look out for ourselves! One way in doing that is investing into friendships. Our friends are there to support and encourage us along the parenting journey! Read this blog to learn why it’s important and what you can do.


Dr Kristy Goodwin isn’t here to promote complete digital abstinence (she knows it’s unrealistic) but she does recommend avoiding screens at certain times of the day or implementing a screen swap (moving from a smartphone to a tv for e.g.) if you’re going to use a screen before school. Watch the Facebook video to find out more.