ParentTV Highlights: This Weeks Snapshot

We are very excited to be introducing ParentTV.

Our school has signed up to this amazing resource so it is FREE for you as a parent of Fremantle Language Development Centre to use.

If you have misplaced your school code please contact the office: 9312 4850 or email:

This weeks’ highlights include:

Do you know what relational aggression is? Do your kids exhibit this behaviour or have they been on the receiving end of it?

Maggie Dent defines relational aggression for us, talks through where our children are learning it from, and what to do if your child is acting out this behaviour.

You can watch her full video on ParentTV here:


Helping kids learn how to deal with conflict

Research shows that children who manage conflict constructively are more likely to have a wide circle of friends, be better communicators and exhibit prosocial behaviours. How children handle conflict is based on a number of factors, including age, social development and life experiences.   

However, parents can be proactive in helping their children learn how to deal with conflict through a number of ways. Learn how here! 


The Parent’s Guide To Bullying Course

A must watch course for every parent who has a school-aged child. Learn exactly what is and what isn’t classed as bullying, what to do if your child is being bullied, how to teach your child to deal with bullies and what to do if your child is the one bullying others.

Watch the course for free through our membership on ParentTV here: