ParentTV Highlights

We are very excited to be introducing ParentTV.

Our school has signed up to this amazing resource so it is FREE for you as a parent of Fremantle Language Development Centre to use.

If you have misplaced your school code please contact the office: 9312 4850 or email:

This weeks’ highlights include:

Are you a permissive parent?

Dr Justin Coulson’s Happy Families says that those parents who love their children very much but don’t set boundaries or limitations, are known as permissive parents.

These children don’t end up doing that well in situations that have limits.

Like sitting in a classroom, keeping their seatbelt fastened and can sometimes have regulation issues because they are used to doing whatever they want, whenever they want.
If you want to know more on parenting styles, watch Dr Justin’s full video ‘Understanding your parenting style’ here:

The Importance of Teaching Kids Self-Control

Self-control is an important life skill all children need to learn. It can also be a tricky one to teach. However, with patience and consistency, we can teach our children the skills required to control their impulses, behaviours and emotions.

This is something kids need to learn from an early age as being able to concentrate, follow instructions and behave appropriately are all things that are paramount to their safety and ability to function in society.

Here are 4 ways to help teach your child self-control: