Principal News: End of Term 2 Update

Dear Fremantle LDC families

Thank you to families for rapid changes around COVID. Your support in keeping our school and community safe is to be commended. It was lovely to see your support in making the drop offs and pickups quick and seamless, with limited time on school grounds and with everyone wearing masks and physically distancing. Thank you. Our students have also been amazing during what must be a very strange time for them. Thank you for all your support in creating such wonderful and resilient children.

The COVID situation continues to evolve, so please make sure we have your most up to date contact details (phone and email) so we can contact you should we need to make changes swiftly and during the school holidays. We have our fingers crossed that we can return to our Phase 5 restrictions and the lifestyle we are so fortunate to have in this world pandemic climate.

Semester 1 Reports

Teachers have been busy this term with Individual Education Plan Review meetings and preparing your child’s school reports. Both reports have been emailed to you on Monday. As you know, the latest COVID restrictions impacted on our face to face meetings with you to discuss your child’s report, but we are hoping that these can either be completed over the phone or next term when restrictions enable us to do so.  I’m sure you will join me in thanking our teachers for their dedication and professionalism in ensuring our students’ get the best level of intervention and support for their learning.

Business Plan

We have now finalised our next Business Plan. We have all worked very hard in our school self-assessment to identify the school improvement priorities that we will be working on over the next 4 years.

Our Improvement Priorities for 2021-2024 are:

  • Student Achievement
  • Excellence in Teaching
  • Culture and Care
  • Strengthening Relationships

The Fremantle LDC Business Plan (2021-2014) can be found at the following location on our school website:

I encourage you to have a read of it and get to know our exciting school improvement plan.

Happy Holidays

I would like to wish you all a lovely school break. We are all looking forward to a well-rested break and a safe return of our students on Tuesday 20th July for Term 3. Our staff return the day before to engage in a full day of professional learning.

Take care and stay well. Please don’t hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions.

Kind regards

Vivienne Doig