Principal News: End of Term 2 Update

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Thank you to everyone for your support through a very unusual term. It has been wonderful to see the independence and confidence grow in our students as the term progressed.

This week it has been very positive as our state has moved into the WA Government Phase 4 of COVID-19 restrictions. This has allowed for some things to feel like they are returning to normal. However, as physical distancing of 2m² and hygiene practices were still required, and being so close to the end of term, we did not make any further changes as a school. Although increased hygiene practices will continue in Term 3 where we will likely be in Phase 5, it looks like Physical Distancing will no longer be required. This means that more things will be re-started e.g. assemblies, incursions, excursions etc.  This also means that parents will be able to move more freely around the school to drop off and pick up your children at the classroom.

However, I do encourage you to continue, if you wish, to drop your child off at the gates in the mornings. We have noticed as a school, along with our host schools, and widely reported across the state, the increased independence and morning engagement levels of our students so far this term. It would be great to continue this great work. Parents have also reported the increased time they have in the mornings by not having to take their child into the classrooms each day. Therefore, please let your child’s teacher know if you would like someone to be available at the gate to welcome your child each morning next term. I also encourage you to make an appointment with your child’s teacher if you would like to speak to them about something. This will assist with the smooth transitions each morning.

Teachers have been busy this term with Individual Education Plan review meetings and preparing your child’s school report. Your child’s report will be emailed to you (via a link) at the end of term. Teachers will also be making arrangements with you soon to make an appointment to discuss your child’s report. These meetings will take place in first two weeks of next term. I’m sure you will join me in thanking all our teachers for their continued professionalism and dedication in ensuring our students’ learning has continued this semester with transitions between disruptions being seamless.

I would like to wish you all a lovely school break. If you are travelling around our state on holiday, please do so safely. We are all looking forward to a well-rested break and a safe return of our students on Tuesday 21st July for Term 3.

Take care and stay well!

Kind regards

Vivienne Doig