Teaching and Learning

Instructional Framework:

The Fremantle LDC has developed an Instructional Framework based on explicit instruction, visible learning and elements of the iStar Framework.

At the heart of the framework is explicit instruction. This explicit model of instruction is based on Gallagher and Pearson’s Gradual Release of Responsibility – I Do, We Do, You Do. The model embraces a differentiated instructional method to cater to individual learning needs.

Effective Teaching:

Underpinning the Fremantle LDC Instructional Framework are our shared beliefs about effective teaching and how this looks in practice.

Response to Intervention:

The response to intervention (RTI) model is used at the Fremantle LDC. The RTI model is a three-tiered approach to intervention.  It is a process that emphasises how well students respond to changes in instruction.  Individual students’ progress is monitored, and data is used to make further instruction and intervention decisions.