School Board News: Board Activities

The Fremantle LDC Board meeting for Term 2 was held on Thursday 20th May, 2021.

The meeting was both informative and open for discussion.  All points of view were heard and ready consensus reached when required.

Principal’s Report

Viv presented her Principal’s Report.

Board Restructure

Resulting from some work the Board has been undertaking over the past two years, a small sub-committee of the Board met to review, and make recommendations, for a Board restructure.  The Board subsequently agreed with the following recommendations, commencing 2022:

  • 7 members on the School Board
    • 3 staff, 3 parents and 1 community member.
    • At least one member from each satellite of the school.
    • The number of parent and community members combined should be greater than the number of staff (including the Principal).
    • Each member will be elected for a two-year term but may re-nominate for election.
  • Additional community representatives will be co-opted as needed and for a defined period.  Co-opted members will not have voting rights.
  • No Deputy Chair position will be required.
  • Nominations will be called for, and elections held, at the end of each calendar year for the following year’s terms.

School Priorities – “Student Achievement”

Each Board meeting has a focus upon one of the school’s strategic priorities, as identified in the school’s planning. This meeting’s focus was Student Achievement and was exemplified through the school’s new choice of literacy program.

Fleur Aris (Literacy Coordinator) took the Board on an informative and entertaining journey, explaining the thorough process undertaken and which lead to the new literacy focus. Starting 2019, a School Improvement Team was formed. Following a rigorous self-assessment process and review, the decision was made to update the literacy program and take on InitiaLit as a whole school literacy program.

FLDC Board Strategic Plan

The Board has commenced the development of its own strategic plan, which would align closely with the school’s plan.

Starting with Priority 1 Student Achievement, the Board members shared thoughts and strategies for the Board to undertake and that would support the work of the school in the areas of oral language, literacy and numeracy.

Viv and Jennie offered the following as a structure for the discussion, and upon which the Board members then proposed their ideas.

Together the Board will:

  • Support school initiatives in accelerating progress
  • Build awareness of school programs
  • Support and promote workshops
  • Be involved in disciplined dialogue around data

I would like to once again thank Viv for the work that she along with Jennie and Fleur, put in to ensuring each Board meeting is well-organised and purposeful.  This enables each Board member to be well-informed of the strategic directions of the school.

Many thanks to Penny for her excellent skills in capturing all discussions and presentations for the Board records and minutes.

And of course, many thanks to the Board members who work voluntarily to ensure each child at Fremantle LDC is supported along his or her learning journey.

Contacting Your School Board Members

If you would like to contact me or any other Board member to discuss any issues or gain clarification on any issues relating to the School Board, please feel free to contact our Executive Officer, Mrs Penny Newton,, and she will assist you to get in contact with one of our Board members.

Thank you.

David Hewitt
Board Chair