School Board News: Board Activities

We held one Board meeting this term.

At this time Viv presented the Board with the Principal’s report and a finance report. Viv also provided an update to the Board on a range of operational items. The Board also discussed and approved the Voluntary Contributions and Charges for 2021, and endorsed the Funding Agreement Schedule.

As part of the school’s Self-Assessment process, the Board spent some time reviewing the “IPS School Board Training Modules” and reflecting on our performance with respect to our role. This provided the opportunity for a very engaged discussion with all Board members. It was a very valuable reflection and conversation in terms of the Board continuing to support the school.

Annual Public Meeting

Remember the Annual Public Meeting will be held on Thursday 10th December from 6.30pm in the Willagee site conference room. This will be an opportunity for parents to come and hear about the progress of the School Board as well as the progress of the school in relation to Business Plan targets.

Contacting your School Board Members

Please remember that if you would like to contact the Chair, Jo Wiese, or any other Board members, to discuss any issues or gain clarification on any School Board issues, please contact our Executive Officer Mrs Samara Gleed on: and she will assist you.


Mary Claessen
Deputy Chair
Fremantle LDC School Board