School Board News: Your Fremantle LDC School Board Update

Board Activities

We held one Board Meeting this term.

We welcomed new Board Member Lindie Alberts onto the School Board. Lindie is currently the Fremantle LDC part-time Manager of Corporate Services and she is filling a vacant staff representative position on the Board until the end of the year.

Viv Doig was unable to attend this Board meeting, however in her absence Deputy Principal Jennie Dawson presented the Board with the latest Principal’s report to keep the Board up to date with relevant operational information.

Lindie Alberts presented the Fremantle LDC Finance Report to Board members to keep them up to date with the current school expenditure and the school budget targets.

Jennie provided board members with information regarding a grant available to schools through the Local Schools Community Fund and the Board discussed several ideas which the school may be able to fund via this grant.

Jennie provided the Board with a copy of the Fremantle LDC Positive Behaviour Plan which had been updated in 2019 and shared with the Board the social, emotional and behaviour programs and strategies used at Fremantle LDC as part of this plan.

The Board discussed the 2019 Parent Survey and discussed additional questions which may be added to this year’s survey to assist the school and Board to collect targeted feedback and information from the parents to assist the school in making decisions for the future.

Jennie presented the Board with the Fremantle LDC Behaviour and Attendance data for Semester 1 to keep the Board up to date with student behaviour and attendance.

In line with the Board’s role of endorsing the Voluntary Contributions and Charges each year, the Board was presented with and approved this document for 2020.

Finally, the Board was also presented with and approved the School Development Days for 2020.

Upcoming Board Activities

The next board meeting will be held on Thursday 14th of November at 6.30pm in the Conference Room at the Fremantle LDC Willagee site.

Jo Wiese
Fremantle LDC School Board