Speech Pathology News: Braidy and Narrative

You may sometimes hear your child talking about someone in their class called Braidy. Braidy is not a student who suddenly arrived in your child’s class, Braidy is a tool used as part of our narrative program. Each part of the Braidy puppet represents part of a story.

Being able to tell stories is really important for sharing and recounting life events and provides a foundation for written stories. You can support your child with stories at home by using the Braidy language to talk about the stories you read. For example, in your think alouds you could say something like “I think the setting in this story is a billabong because I can see the water and lots of Australian animals around it.” Or “I wonder what the CHARACTER’S PLAN might be.”  You can also ask questions about the story using Braidy language for example “WHO are the characters in this story?” or “What was the KICK OFF in this story?”  By using the language of Braidy you will be reinforcing what your child is learning at school and helping them to develop an internal structure for stories which will support their talking and writing.