Speech Pathology News: Literature Based Units

Welcome back for term two. The speech pathology team is looking forward to beginning our class intervention programs again. We organise our whole class language sessions around a book which is connected to the curriculum content from subjects such as HASS and Science. By using some of the classroom content it makes practising language skills more meaningful. It also provides lots of opportunities to practise language targets outside the in-class sessions, as children engage in the curriculum content at other times.

This term we will be sharing the following books and topics in various ways:


  • Bear on a Bike (Transport)

Pre -Primary

  • The Elephants and the Leaking Tap and In the Lion (Occupations and People Who Help Us)
  • Lost and found (Transport)
  • The Three Little Pigs (Houses)

Year 1

  • Willbee the Bumble Bee and Loongie the Greedy Crocodile (Insects, Life Cycles, Habitats)

Year 2/3

  • Gwendolyn and The Polar Bear in Sydney Harbour (Habitats and environmental features)

You can support your child at home by sharing other books around the topic. As you read these books with your child make comments about the parts or features of the insects, transport, people or environments shown in the book. Once children are familiar with the pictures try playing simple games where you describe an item and the children have to find it in the picture or book based on what you said. Once they can identify the items from your clues encourage your child to give you clues for you to guess an item. You can then relate this to real-life experiences. For example, going into the garden to find real insects or playing “Spot the Transport” (i.e. who will be the first person to spot a blue car, a motor bike).