Virtue of the Fortnight: Compassion

What is Compassion?

Compassion is having kind feelings towards someone who is feeling hurt or troubled. It is caring deeply and wanting to help, even if you don’t know them. It is being kind and forgiving to someone who has hurt you.

Why Practice It?

When people feel hurt or in trouble, they often feel alone. Feeling alone can make things even worse. Without compassion the world is a hard and lonely place. Being compassionate helps us to feel less alone. Compassion helps us to be understanding of others and ourselves.

How Do You Practice Compassion?

Compassion begins by noticing when someone seems sad or troubled. Put yourself in their place and ask how you would feel it it were happening to you. Think about how you can help. Take time to listen, and then say kind things like “What are you sad about?” and “How can I help?” Be forgiving when others make mistakes. Be a friend when someone needs a friend.


I have compassion. I notice when someone is hurt or needs my help. I take the time to show that I care.