Willagee News: School Nurse and Camp Australia

A note from the Community Health Nurse

Welcome to the new school year. My name is Lily Van Der Wacht and I am the Community Health Nurse who visits your school.

Community Health Nurses work in schools to promote healthy development and wellbeing so students may reach their full potential. A major part of my work is focused on early intervention and the School Entry Health Assessment program.

Community Health Nurses serve as a health contact point for children and their families, providing information, assessment, health counselling and referral. The services provided are free and confidential.

If you have a concern about your child’s health or development, please contact me via your school office or at my Community Health Base on 9314 0100.


Camp Australia at Caralee CS

Please see the following attachment if you are interested in Out of School & Holiday Care services with Camp Australia. Everything you need to know about Your OSHC