Willagee News: Term 1 Updates

Friday Icy-Pole Reward

We are participating along with Caralee CS to have an icy-pole reward on Friday to welcome our students to the new school year and to congratulate them on a great week. The icy-pole complies with our canteen healthy food guidelines. Please contact the school on 9312 4850 or Fremantle.LDC@education.wa.edu.au if you DO NOT want your child to receive an icy-pole on Friday.

Crossing Guard

We were sad to see our crossing guard Ben finish up in 2021 due to ill health. It was great to see him visit the Caralee Community School fete and attend their graduation where he was awarded the Community Recognition Award for his service as our first crossing guard last year. We are pleased to announce Terry started in the role this week and we welcome him to Caralee LDC for 2022. A number of schools are starting the year without crossing guards so our thanks to the Caralee Community School Board Chair Amanda Buisman for continuing to work with Police over the holidays to ensure the position was filled.