School vision


Our aim is to be a school of excellence that is innovative and builds expertise and leadership to ensure best outcomes for students with developmental language disorder.


At the Fremantle Language Development Centre we aim to:

  • provide specialist language intervention to promote individual students to maximize their learning potential
  • provide planning and programming that is founded on best evidence based practices
  • encourage each student to develop critical thinking and strong interpersonal skills for their successful participation in society
  • value, develop and maintain positive collaborative partnerships with networks, schools and all members of the Fremantle LDC and wider school communities
  • provide a learning environment that is diverse and inclusive and aims to build the capacity for all schools to achieve this outcome
  • celebrate cultural differences and respect the individuality of all members of the school community
  • integrate ICT across the curriculum and throughout all service delivery to support and facilitate learning in the 21st Century
  • provide ongoing outreach support to students, families, schools & networks
  • encourage and promote innovation and  research through collaborative partnerships
  • to provide innovative, programs and professional learning to enhance knowledge and understanding of speech and language difficulties
  • provide an equitable support service to meet the needs of all students with speech and language difficulties
  • to promote a safe and positive environment for all members of the school, parents and wider community.


The Fremantle Language Development Centre believes that all members of a school community have the right and responsibility to demonstrate:

  • respect for self, others and their environment
  • care and courtesy for all
  • courage and determination to face the challenges they may meet.